Asheville Kitchen Design


Our kitchen & bath design team includes five full time cabinetry and countertop designers with a combined knowledge and expertise totaling over 140 years of experience.

Our designers work one-on-one with you from the very first contact to the end of your project, personally walking you step by step through the entire process.

Kitchen & bath project answers “right now.”

Time can be very crucial in the construction of your kitchen, bath, or project for other rooms. Sometimes you or your builder needs an answer “right now” about the design or dimensions of your specific cabinets and countertops. Because we are a team, if you or your builder calls when your personal designer is out of the office, one of our other cabinet & countertop designers can pull your folder, check the specs, and provide the answer you need – right now. Our regular builders and installers find this service to be extremely beneficial – it saves time, avoids waiting for callbacks or repeat trips, and results in faster project completion and lower costs.

Our cabinet & countertop designers are what, in today’s computer age, are coined “Old School” designers. Each one of our designers still hand draws and measures each and every project. They check and recheck their dimensions to ensure that the design properly fits. This completed hand-drawn design is then transferred to our 20-20 CAD program to generate a 3D computer rendering for customer presentation. This is the final check for any possible corrections needed before the design is presented to our customer.

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